To all the feelings on this earth.


To all the feelings on this earth, gods and spirits may grant inmortality. Life is short. Love to be love must die, die fightings and thus make it to the heaven of feelings and memories, where only one love, will be able to care for its greatness, filled with happyness, sadness and smiles, it won’t be able to do it alone, it won’t be able to call the spirit of caresses and kisses, no it won’t be able, no.

They say that that spirit sometimes comes turned into gestures and words, they say it comes like the wind enveloping your body and making you fly in dreams. You will only be able to call the spirit when love looks at its reflection on other loves, on those cristalline waters of patience and calm.

In the heaven of feelings, it is an honor to be. It means life, and life is the profound breath of the clouds which carry the rain within, to humidify our mother earth, where the wind, as usual, takes them.

Dance my love, dance, but do not dance alone, here in the heaven of feelings and memories, music will protect you, where your love will be universal in memory, but not inmortal in the feelings.

Dance my love, dance, because destiny is singing for you and will bring the spirit of caresses and kisses, with its messenger, another love. That love which will dance, moving at your rithm, that love witch will keep your pace, that love wich will come like the wind, that wind that envelopes you, do you remember?

But this time it will envelope your deepest desires.

Dance my love, dance, because the soul is playing for you, that melody in strings of beatiful colours, with notes that float and fuse with the notes of destiny.

Dance my love, dance, because one of this days the end will come and you will be in need of the cristalline waters, patience and calm, you will need, this simple and this difficult, another love. And being in love will come with that melody of destiny and soul, that melody you dance to, do you remember? Then, dance my love, dance, because the end is sure even here in the heaven of feelings and memories, the end will come, may gods grant it inmortality, but life is short and the end will come.

Dance my love, dance. Tan taaan ta ta tann unnn.

Dance my love, dance, all of us, together.

May we all dance this chance and may the gods grant us this last dance of life. Lets dance my love, lets dance, because everyting will be allright and if it is not allright then it is not the end. The only true failure is not having tried, and success is mesured by our way of assuming deceptions, which we must allways do, we are here and we trie each of us in our own way. Is it our fault to think that we are to old to change and being afraid of the deception of starting anew?

We wake up in the morning and we do what we can, nothing else matters, but it is also true that the person who risks nothing, makes nothing, has nothing. The only thing we know about future is that it will be different. But we fear it will be the same. Therefore we must celebrate change, because as someone sometime said, in the end everything will be alright, and if it is not allright, trust me, it is not the end yet.

If you cannot be with  the one you love, love the one you are with. Start by loving your life.

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