Yerba Buena – «Guajira»

Yerba Buena is a Grammy-nominated fusion band based out of New York. The project was started by Venezuelan songwriter, producer and instrumentalist Andres Levin, and Singer, Composer Cucu Diamantes who brought Cuban composer Descemer Bueno to New York. All worked together during the conception of the band, but soon after Bueno left the group to pursue a solo career. The original lineup included Cuban singer Percussionist Pedro Martinez and singer Xiomara Laugart.

Yerba Buena’s music (as described by Razor and Tie, the band’s record label) is a blend of African-rooted Latin music (Cuban Rumba, Colombian cumbia, Pan-Caribbean Soca, and Cuban Boogaloo) with hip-hop, Motown soul, West African Afrobeat with a dash of Middle Eastern themes.

Prior to the release of their album President Alien, Yerba Buena collaborated with Me’Shell NdegéOcello on a track titled «Gentleman» for the Red Hot Organization‘s tribute compilation album for Fela Kuti, Red Hot and Riot. They also appeared on a track called «Colonial Mentality» for the CD. The Paul Heck produced album was critically acclaimed and donated all its proceeds to various AIDS charities.

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15 comentarios sobre “Yerba Buena – «Guajira»

      1. This video you posted has inspired me for a poem. You can find it on my blog, it’s called «Never love too much». It is indeed fantastic music. Thank YOU my friend.

        Me gusta

      2. I only understand some Spanish, not really speak the language. And even if I am Romanian , I write in English, so I express myself in the language with the most readers…
        Still, there are things/expressions one cannot translate. :)

        Me gusta

      3. His heart flies in dreams of hope, his silence under a caress and the melody of his emotion, which exceeds the limits of my intimate with her ​​gaze, she who is there, where the love too pink limit the word, I love you. And his heart and flew

        Me gusta

      4. Su corazón vuela, en sueños de esperanza, su virtud, el silencio de una caricia y la melodía de su emoción, en la que sobrepasa los limites de mi intimida con su mirada, ella, que esta allí, donde el amar demasiado rosa el limite de la palabra, te amo. Y su corazón ya voló

        Me gusta


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